Thursday, August 21, 2014

Quake II: Zero Signal update # 4

Quake II - Work on my Quake II project hasn't stopped and I've got an editor screenshot to show you some of the progress I've made. Unfortunately I can't use TrenchBroom yet because the editor doesn't read the .map output generated by QuArk. There is a way to make it work but the process takes too long since I've added quite some brushes. Therefore I decided to finish the first map of the project with QuArk and I'll give the rest of the maps a shot with TrenchBroom. I'll make sure I have a new in-game screenshot of the map for my next update.

Half-Life: Someplace Else playthrough

Half-Life - I've uploaded another playtrough on my Youtube channel. This one is a map for Half-Life called Someplace Else, created by Adam Foster. You can find the download link in the description box of the video. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Another development screenshot

Quake II - Been working some more on my Quake II project and have a new screenshot to show for it. The things I learned during the work on my previous Hexen II project has really paid off. Because of this I now know how to avoid errors and can focus my attention on making actual progress instead of spending hours repairing leaks and other nasty bugs. I feel that the combination of the custom texture pack with the regular Quake II textures really works out, so I'm exited to show you what I can come up with on my next update.

Duke Nukem 3D: Done & Dusted playthrough

Duke Nukem 3D - Today I have another video of a custom map playthrough. It's called Done & Dusted, created by Ryan "quakis" Rouse & Mikko Sandt. I really enjoyed playing through this one! Check it out here.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Youtube video uploaded

General - Since I don't have enough material of my own to keep my Youtube channel interesting, I decided to do a playthrough of a custom map made by someone else. In the spirit of my latest work in progress I chose to do a playthrough of a map for Quake II called Nightmare Orchards by Shaun 'Kona' Ross. Keeping me in one piece has proven to be quite a challenge, as you will see in this video.

World Designer group updated

General - I've been busy updating my World Designer Steam group,with the most notable addition being information about getting started building your own Hexen II maps and the best development tools that go with it. If it sparks your interest, you can take a look here.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Quake II support for Trenchbroom

Quake II - Now that Kristian Duske is working on a new version of Trenchbroom that has built-in Quake II support, it's time to put the level editor to good use for my upcoming Quake II project which is titled 'Zero Signal'. Ofcourse the latest version of Trenchbroom is still in beta phase but I will do my best to contribute to it by reporting any bugs that may occur during development of my maps.
I wish Kristian the best of luck with his project and hope that we all can enjoy making Quake II levels with ease very soon!